The gFlowiz « Initiative Ciblée » (Targeted Initiative) focuses on the design of a geo vizualization application dedicated to flow or traffic data analysis. To this end, the gFlowiz application aims to highlight the geographical determinants of spatial mobility by depicting geographical interactions data from different points of view. The specific problems raised by the specific spatial scales of certain datasets (global and local intra-urban levels), their temporality will be also a focus of this project.

gFlowiz is part of the new paradigm of “visualization mapping”, introduced by Alan MacEachren in 2004, which consists in combining within the same interface the two pillars of graphic representation: the geo and graphic visualization and the preceding data processing of the corresponding data. This will be based on current technological opportunities, in particular those offered by the new web-based graphic and cartographic visualization libraries.

The challenge for gFlowiz is therefore to propose a set of interactive tools for the analysis and the representation of geographical complexes matrices (categorical and temporal) that are innovative from a methodological point of view (articulation of several dimensions, interactivity, animation), technical ways (facility of exploration, fluidity of display, etc.) in a simple configuration that facilitates their appropriation by different audiences (academic, institutional, socio-economic, school, etc.).

Keywords: flow, traffic, spatial interactions, movement, geovisualization, matrices, statistical analysis, graphic representation, cartography, application, dynamics, temporal.

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